Parts are ordered!

on Thursday, 27 March 2014
Today is the day! I've ordered my computer parts and they are already on the way. I've got track and trace, wich is a code you can use to check where your package is. I'm super excited.

In this computer, as it is not the first I've build and will build, I get to use that Bitfenix case. I've grown quite the fan for that brand as I've build a pc for my mother that house the Shinobi. I expect this case to be of same value to build quality and cannot wait to see it when it comes in.

Then there is a hidden passion I have to confess. A hidden passion for fans that (arguably) have the best color scheme on the market. Ofcourse I'm talking about these Noctua fans. I love how they take special care, making sure they always add those nifty low noise adapters and rubber gromits. These will make the system a breeze to listen to. Now, I've ordered 3 so far, I will check if the noise from the CPU fans will be acceptable. If not, then I will have to purchase myself some more Noctua swag.

Then there is the Seasonic PSU. I've seen that over at the G+ community someone shares the same love for well build PSU's. If there is a brand that screams quality all over, then Seasonic is definitely amongs those. I would've loved to get a PSU with more juice, however this pc doesn't need it. ( photo taken from, Hollands best community when it comes to actually building computers )

Then there is the proc and motherboard. It was my initial choice to get the 8320-FX and the Extreme3, yet wasn't completely sure it would be compatible. Luckily someone caught my blog in time and informed me that he actually ownes a build with that proc and mobo inside it. He confirmed for me that the combination works like a charm and so I added those back to my list. My mothers pc also runs the Extreme3, I'm familiar with the product and happy for it to be back on the list.

Kingston, another A-brand that never let me down; although I have to say that my gaming pc runs Corsair's Vengeance; and that besides that pc, only one experience that can back up that statement. However. It's a great brand and it's always cool to get something from great, big brands. I didn't pick it out, but hey! It's cool!

Then there is the EVO drive. Easily the best money to performance ratio on the SSD market here in Holland. The new drives from Crucial came to the market just a few days ago, however, those are pricey and still hot to the touch. If i have to believe the benchies than these score a tad more stable than the EVO's.

Last but not least, "The Mugen" with it's killer title "PC Games Hardware Edition". Already used it, compared it against others and this is one of those products that is hard to beat when it comes to bang for buck. This little beast is meant for "Gaming pc's" but I figured that having a CPU sink is better than having that small piece of tin that AMD provides with their processors. To mention I still got 2 of those laying about, unpacked and still boxed :)

That said, there is lots for me to be excited about. I will now just shut my piehole as this post has been going on for way to long.


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