Computer put together and OS Installed

on Wednesday, 2 April 2014
I've tested and installed my computer over the last few days. It took me a good few days as I don't have much spare time besides my work. This due to the fact that I go by bike (20KM from work to home) and that takes a good 45 minutes i'd say.

However, I always loved tinkering/building with computer hardware so coming home to an unbuild computer is pretty good on me. This time everything went fine, no DOA parts nor did anything show any sign of incompatibility during the install of different distro's. There was one thing though. The Comrade, the Bitfenix case doesn't house the Mugen 4 very well.

The Mugen 4 fits, however it's a very tight fit and I recommend not to buy the Comrade in combination with the Mugen. I just put this up here so it might help others.

It CAN be made to work, but your better off saving yourself a headache by buying a smaller block. The screws on the Motherboard of my Extreme3 where blocked off. The position of the screw was in it's ideal location, meaning you will find a screwhole pretty much on every motherboard to where it was on the Extreme3(my specific case) on top of that you will have to tighten the Mugen very tight(wich I didn't bother to try) to get it to fit under the case sidepanel. This will most likely result in the motherboard flexing the way it shouldn't.

It's a super tight fit and decided in the end not to install the block. A sad thing that I coudn't install that block but happy that the computer itself works. I've build quite some computers for family and friends, even carefully checked online if the parts fitted together but coudn't find the specific combo of the Comrade and the Mugen on tech / build websites I know. It was a risk I had to take and in the end it bit me in the butt.

The OS, after trying Debian and Mint will still stay Ubuntu after all. I've been using Ubuntu for solid months on end now at work. Love it, easy to use and I know my way around it by now.

This all was a very interesting experience, as is building any PC. A fun little project that kept me busy for a good month.


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