on Tuesday, 25 February 2014
I've seen the light and started using Sass. It's amazing. I've known of Sass since Foundation 3, yet there was no real opportunity for me to start using it. Until a few days ago, did the basics and it blew my mind.

This opens up a whole new chapter on how to make stylesheets and make life easy. Most of the code editors compile on the fly, what makes all of this a breeze to use. I looked up usefull snippets when I understood the syntax to make my use of Sass even easier. It's easy to understand and you can pretty much use it on any situation to make it better.

What I'm trying to say here, if you haven't tried it yet, then you should. It will not disappoint you. When you get to deal with CSS on a daily basis; wich in my case it is not at all; you should have already been using this.
on Saturday, 1 February 2014
I'm really not all that big on reading, yet this book attracted me. The lore of the game expands and you have a deeper understanding of cultures within the game. This book is entertaining for every Guildwars 2 player. A must. A gamers bible as it were.

After reading a good portion of the book, I re-enter the world with a fresh look and better understanding of the reactions and general culture and history within the game. I've been gifted all three books and will read them all. It goes at a snails pace, yet it's very entertaining and pretty exiting. Never thought a book could get me that exited. I keep wanting to read more. The story of the first book ( Ghosts of Ascalon. ) has an iron grip on me. I feel very at home within the Guildwars 2 world in the book. When they talk of cities, it's like your actually there. I can easily visualise the story that they tell; wich is also the main reason I love this book so far. 

I will revisit some of the places that I imagined in my head during my read in this book to see if the game matches the book. I've not touched the game since I started reading so it will be a fun little experiment. I'm currently waiting for the updater to update GW2 haha :)

Anyway. If you are one of those Guildwars 2 players that has not yet read one of these books. Then you should. Take it from a gamer that never read for own entertainment haha. These books are good, if you are a Guildwars 2 player, than this will make you better appreciate the game and the story around the whole game in general.

Now. I'm off to the big world!