Guildwars 2 | Learning up on Lore

on Saturday, 1 February 2014
I'm really not all that big on reading, yet this book attracted me. The lore of the game expands and you have a deeper understanding of cultures within the game. This book is entertaining for every Guildwars 2 player. A must. A gamers bible as it were.

After reading a good portion of the book, I re-enter the world with a fresh look and better understanding of the reactions and general culture and history within the game. I've been gifted all three books and will read them all. It goes at a snails pace, yet it's very entertaining and pretty exiting. Never thought a book could get me that exited. I keep wanting to read more. The story of the first book ( Ghosts of Ascalon. ) has an iron grip on me. I feel very at home within the Guildwars 2 world in the book. When they talk of cities, it's like your actually there. I can easily visualise the story that they tell; wich is also the main reason I love this book so far. 

I will revisit some of the places that I imagined in my head during my read in this book to see if the game matches the book. I've not touched the game since I started reading so it will be a fun little experiment. I'm currently waiting for the updater to update GW2 haha :)

Anyway. If you are one of those Guildwars 2 players that has not yet read one of these books. Then you should. Take it from a gamer that never read for own entertainment haha. These books are good, if you are a Guildwars 2 player, than this will make you better appreciate the game and the story around the whole game in general.

Now. I'm off to the big world!


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