DavMail and Thunderbird / Evolution

on Wednesday, 15 January 2014
No crashes today. I've gotten DavMail in combination with Thunderbird / Evolution on Ubuntu. I've not decided yet wich of the two clients I like best. I'm still baffled and equally amazed by how much faster the machine was. Windows 8, the install before Ubuntu, wasn't even old either. 4-5 months top. Things are easy to install and when faced with problems, Google and my mentioned sources in an earlier post are valuable source for experience.

I've setup RabbitVCS as my SVN client. I'm coming from TortoiseSVN. Rabbit suits me really well and the performance is excelent. I've tried Rapid and the build in SVN client from Netbeans but both didn't met my expectations. Rapid was good, yet Rabbit is more simplistic and easier to handle in my view. Netbeans build in svn client... horrible. I tried setting it up in multiple ways, tried other build in svn clients other than SvnKit yet that lead to even more frustration and longer waiting times before I could commit. Overall, things are easy and there is a world of choices in alternatives that work equally if not better than their Windows counterpart.

I'm still looking into an calender program, or on how to make it work in Evolution. I've not put effort into this yet as there was plenty of work.

That's pretty much day 3 on my use of Ubuntu. I'm seriously thinking to throw Windows in the bin on my personal computer. Ubuntu is really great for me and it's a mere matter of time before most of my games will be available for Linux. I feel like an b**** when mentioning that in every post postponing my own rig's software overhaul. This due to the fact that my Steam holds currently a library of 492 games, and the fear that something of my rig's hardware might be badly supported by the limited amount of drivers available.

Note that this is said in an unknowledgable position. As I've still not done the proper research nor had the time over the last couple of days.


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