on Saturday, 11 January 2014
I've started playing games that I've played back when we had the Windows 95 machine. I know it as the day of yesterday. We had dail-in and I wasn't allowed on the computer as it was a machine for my dad's work.

The best thing that happened to me I suppose is that my dad had pretty much null interest in computers and new technology for that matter. The only thing he wanted to know, and still so, is how to apply it for work and nothing more. That said, left a time window on a day to where it was allowed to be used by the "family".

A friend of my brother brought in Dungeon Keeper, and other games we could play on this machine. Eventually and naturally we could use the computer for gaming and other entertainment purposes. This wasn't it's main goal but nicely slipped in. That's where my gaming life began. Dungeon Keeper made by Bullfrog, Peter Molyneux himself. Brilliant game.

Then came the illigal discs back then that were distributed in our area. They were called Twilight discs and contained full software, games and demo's to stuff that was coming soon. Those discs were made by a geek in our village and it's were it originated from. He downloaded the stuff, burned down a copy and sold them for a tenner each. You see, Twilight discs were quite the thing, those who know of it existance probably didn't even knew where it came from as they were spread via people and friends.

Now, on Steam, many old classics came back with an HD version to give the old classic an eternal life I suppose. Think of titles such as Monkey Island, Dragon's Lair and Ducktales. All great games. Cannot recommend them enough as I've all played them back in the day of that old Windows 95 machine. + NES


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