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on Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Valve always knows a way into people's wallet during the holidays. I've bought serveral games under wich the following list:

  • The Stanley Parable
  • How to Survive
  • Brothers - A tale of two sons
  • UnEpic
  • Ducktales: Remastered
Not only games were on my list this year. I also bought a few software packages that had discount on them. My reason for this post is just a thank-you to Valve and all the developers that make this possible. We, as consumers are able to buy games and software for a steal-price and get to gift some away aswell. It's pretty epic when Steam enters sales; when web services like the community, inventory and badges get so spammed by people that you just know a few million people are taking advantage of their Steam deals.

Now, I've noticed something. It was the following. We also double checked this to see if it wasn't some kind of delay or refresh type of deal. We both had different deals. My boyfriend had a lower discount percentage as me. I was able to buy Skyrim, along with most of the other daily deals against 75% while he could buy them against 50%.

We just checked again, 5 minutes after writing this and seems like things are the same on both deals. False alarm. It made me thing for a moment though, as all of this could be true. It could be that Steam will play deals on the kind of behaviour you and me have as customer in their CDN.

You don't hear me complaining. Not at all. To me it seems like Steam knows more about their customers than the average Joe and their customers themselves. Is this some kind of scheme to make me buy more deals? Is this a reward for a well-returning customer? Is this related to your Steam level? Who knows.

If somebody knows where this came from, then please leave a comment on this post down here.

Now, enough about the deals. My download is done and I wanna play some games! I've had some good steals and maby some more to come in the following few days. Leave a comment on what you bought! At what discount, and how long you've wanted the game for!

~ Rob


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