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on Sunday, 15 December 2013
OMGChad, wich i follow on Youtube posted this video. He made some very valid points. I'm about to share a story on my Youtube accounts that I've had and the montisation that I've used to do some cool things.


Chad talked about how this changes the way for "Let's Plays". Not only did he touch on that subject but brought up valid implementations Google could make. A win-win situation as said. He talked about how the pre-roll could potentially go away and that there could be alternative ways of making money such as the sale of merchandise. He is so right about this. Google easily has the power and resources to do this. They have a widely spread network, they have a regionaly store ( play, webstore ) and could expand on this by allowing networks and Youtubers to sell their merchandise through a Google store.

Google could set some standards for selling merchandise in this case, or better put, requirements before you gain the rights to do so, but really. Think of the possiblities. Merchandise is just one way.

Content creators like Shaytards, Rhett and Link, TC, Freddie, Feast of Fiction and others have a hard time selling their merchandise to an international audience. I've experienced this first hand as I've tried many times to order merchandise from their shops and was not able to.

Why a win-win? Google could choose to offer multiple ways of making money and giving the content creators the freedom to choose whatever way they feel works best for them and fits best into their scene. This in the overall picture would give Google the best result in any case. Happy content creators means more content, means that they put more effort into creating quality content.

I know what it is to have a channel of somewhat great size. I've had a channel called SilverMagics with 800~ videos on it. They generated good money for the period I had that channel. The content wasn't really the best quality, yet this allowed me to do some things with that money. At some point I even bought a website with that money and was able to sustain that website. I bought a game server and build-up a community around it with the website I purchased. I've had this server for a solid 4-5 months. Amazing time, memories and the friends that still play games with me via Steam.

Google could come up with ways to make the situation of content creators better. They have the means, resources and power to give us a better community.

Now, as for the whole new policy thing. I think networks will have to pack their bags. This policy will make that clear to say the least. As for the content creators themselves, some will continue creating content and some will stop. This is a sad thing, but thats the reality of the matter.

Anyway, I have way to many things to say about this, but I won't bore you with my long badly written engrish blog post. I would like to know whatever you think about what Chad posted and what I've written down. Feel free to leave a comment.



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