PS3 | YLOD infected my own PS3!

on Monday, 16 December 2013

Yes. It happened. My 60GB launch model Playstation died yesterday giving a yellow light. This was a sad moment indeed as I've recieved an early christmas present, Ratched and Clank: Nexus, wich after installing and playing for a few minutes made my PS3 go ballistic on me.

I happen to be in the situation where I can get a second PS3 without HDD, and maby revive my christmas joy by swapping the HDD and hoping for the best. If that doesn't work than I'll probably buy a new PS3, to also say that I will also get a PS4. You might say, why not pay that small fee for the conversion of the game and keep all games on the PS4? Well, my game library is so big that converting all games would cost more than an actual PS3, and there are still plenty of games I want to play on a PS3.

My PS3 was a very versatile device, playing my games, movies, netflix and music at a rare occasion. I will try to repair this one and keep this post up-to-date with the developements and photo's of the internals. That for sure is going to give me an interesting experience.

Yes, I've been able to get a second playstation on my hands. My lovely boyfriend happened to have one that had a broken HDD. I knew this and so he brought this along as he came over to me. The left(60GB) playstation is mine and right(40GB) is his. 

Swapping out the HDD's is an easy task, taking all of this and switching took less than ten minutes. When we did, we took them to a power outlet to try it out. We discovered that our adventure wasn't over yet. The machine came up with a message that basicly mean't that It woudn't take the system that was installed on the HDD. It required a update from a USB device.

I did as prompted, found an old unused; formatted to FAT32 usb drive. The PS3 took a few minutes to gather the guts to install the update and TADA! Now the system was running, but yet another problem rose. I needed the disc that was in my other system. Ratchet and Clank: Nexus. The gift that was given to me :)

Getting the disc out of the system was actually fairy easy. After googling I found out that the fan blowout cycle is able to remove disc from a dead system. I've used the blowout function before on a dusted machine of friends and relatives.

Did as instructed on the website and the disc came out without any problems. Now I was a few minutes off to playing the actual game without having any damages other than a system that died on me. That old bugger really grew on me. I bought this on release with Motorstorm and Resistance, it played a ton of games, movies and showed many *cough* usb transfered files.

All and all a very solid system to me. Now as for my own PS3. I will take this to a friend who has the tools, time and knowledge to pry it open and have a look to see if we can fix this thing. If that happens than I might have some early christmas magic coming at me.

As for now...


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