Linux | Day 2 "Black Hawk Down"

on Tuesday, 14 January 2014
Today was a wise lesson in Linux. I coudn't configure LAMP, still don't know why. Must be something I am doing wrong though. I've carefully followed multiple guides, checked, double checked, yet coudn't get vhosts to work properly. I've installed XAMPP for Linux as an alternative to LAMP and this seems to do the job.

Then I was challenged by the second failure. I installed chrome. I used chrome for a good few hours, when all of a sudden chrome seemed unrespondsive. The OS itself was fine, just chrome. Then it just crashed and had to do a restart. When rebooted I coudn't login. Followed a guide and everything was fine. Lesson learned, using Firefox now. I already found it strange that chrome had no search result in the software center. Ubuntu itself is a blast to use however. I really found that the overall experience, coming from Windows 7 / 8; that it works smoother. Everything is snappier. I like it. I can see myself using this at home, the steam list is growing and the days of Microsoft are counted for.

Cannot wait to personally make the step! I can use my experience that I have at work to install it on my own machine. On that note, coming from someone who has had a few lessons in how to handle Linux, that it has a pretty hard learning curve. You need technical knowledge when facing a problem and often terminal is key to solving whatever problem your facing. However, I'm willing, patient and backed-up by a great Google+ Community, AskUbuntu and an pretty knowledgable boss that knows it's way around the terminal.

~ Rob


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