Ghosts of Ascalon Recap

on Friday, 14 March 2014
I've went to Austria on wintersport vacation. It so came to that I had the time to finish reading Ghosts of Ascalon. I have to say that the book kinda disappointed me. I liked the way the writer wrote the book, easy to understand and reads pretty quick.

However. The book has a pretty amazing start, detailed and rich in all it's glory. I liked how the group came about and how their journey progressed. I read more and more of the book, only to result in wanting to read more. In the times between the reads, I would think of what would happen or try to imagine the scenes as they were described by the book to give it a place in the game.

All and all, the book is very paced and balanced. Yet the ending is so disappointing. After I was done, it seemed like the whole book was a build-up, to result in an ending that was stuffed into the last 50 pages or so. In my next post I will tell something about the next book im currently reading and almost through with. The Sea of Sorrows.

Anyway, Ghosts of Ascalon is a nice read. I'm not a die hard reader, enjoyed it, but did expect more from the ending. The book really deserved a better ending than it did. As I read through the book I had a gut feeling from about halfway through that the ending was going to be rushed. Turned out, to my disappointment that I was right.


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