Playstation 4 vs. WiiU

on Monday, 17 March 2014

This is a post with a rant. Sony has been on there arse since the release of their big console. I've wished many times I would like it more than I do. I'm a Sony fanboy, or I guess I should be. We, and by we I mean me and my boyfriend considered heavily on the question WiiU vs. PS4. The latter lost. This has a few good and solid reasons.

We've made this choice based on our research to both consoles. I also want to add that in a later point in time we will also own a PS4. Yet for now, our favor goes to the WiiU.

The first being the price. The PS4 is a heavy price to pay. It's well worth it's price when you look at the components. Thats something that I cannot deny. However, the PS4 is being devalued for now because of it's small game library. This, over time, will grow and make the PS4 a more valuable weapon in the arsenal of the gamer. The WiiU on the other hand, might not be as powerfull when you look at the components but blowes the PS4 out of the battlefield for the moment.

The games were our second reason. The current set for the WiiU is bigger, but it doesn't stop there. The PS4 has a pretty low steam when it comes of future titles; but when it comes, it comes with a bang. There are a few great ones among those, I cannot deny, titles that will put all consoles to shame and predecesors that are legends of games.

We ofcourse think of titles like Infamous, Uncharted and a God of War. The last one on that list isn't confirmed but i'm pretty sure Santa Monica Studios is going to richen our lives with another epic tale of gods and demigods.

The WiiU has also some pretty strong liquor in their stomach. Think of games like Hyrule Warriors, Mario Kart 8 and an Metroid game to look forward to. These really compete on the 'enjoyable' factor of games mentioned above.

We all know that PS4 is more for the hardcore gamer and the WiiU, or better said, Nintendo for casual. There is no point in fighting that front of the battle. We just had a luxury choice to make as in the end, we will have both side by side, next to DS'ses, PS3, PS2, PS, Gameboys, Gamecube, Gaming PC's, Xbox and an Xbox 360. We welcome both to our powerfull arsenal of game consoles and into our gaming life, yet for now the WiiU makes more sense to buy.

The PS4 still has a pretty long road ahead of itself. A road, that perhaps, and preferable we will not walk all the way. WiiU here we come, show us what u got! It is time to slay some monster in Monster Hunter.


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