Debian Development build

on Friday, 21 March 2014

In this post I want to post the build that I will buy soon. This is going to be a development system and also my first step towards the future.

I'm already used to Linux. It's a fantastic system and use Ubuntu at work to develop, as i'm a web developer by trade. That's one of the reason's why I cannot wait to get my build. Now, it's not far away, however. I've made the initial build a little bit to ambitious. That, in the sense that I didn't look for compatibility when building the system online. That's why I have to give it another go. I will have to check for compatibility before adding it to my wishlist.

I'm close to having the money to actually get the components but enough time to do some proper research in what components I should invest. This is going to be a development build, so by all means, if you have an opinion on parts or about the current list of components, input is what it's all about in an community.

ProcessorAMD FX-8320 Black Edition126,-
MoboASRock 990FX Extreme382,60
HDDWD AV-GP WD5000AUDX, 500GB49,42
CaseBitFenix Shinobi54,50
CPU SinkScythe Mugen 4 PCGH Edition36,50
MemoryCrucial Ballistix Tactical BLT2C4G3D1608ET3LX0CEU60,50
PSUSeasonic Platinum Series 660 Watt128,04
SSDSamsung 840 series 120GB115,47

Total : 653,03

Now, This is what i've got so far. It might change completely. It all depends on what I will research in the next couple of weeks. I've gotten some good input from forums that I've found through Google.

I've asked a bit around and maby I can get around with an onboard videocard. My linux sources say it might just be enough. However, I want to be able to run 1080p though, as a somewhat higher resolution is just easier to work with.

I will let you guys know more when I know more. Peace.


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