Starting to learn a new language

on Thursday, 20 March 2014
Python is my next language to learn. It makes all the more sense to me as I'm going to migrate to the OS Debian soon. I will still keep my gaming machine, and will post about that later. Python.

I've been meaning to start learning this language for a long time as this language is widely spread among every industry. You can pretty much apply it to everything.

This language is easy to pick up to far and has a pretty quick learning curve. Well documentated and fast as hell when you run it through console. As a "Hello World" i made a registry class that kept instances of created objects. I'm going to play with Python in the next couple of days and check out the bigger frameworks for it. I've made a pretty cool start so far and expect to use this as a powerfull weapon amongs my arsenal of knowledge.

If there are some frameworks I should check out, then comment them. I wish to know what you guys use and what is widely used among 'Pythoners'?


Retselisitsoe Moabi said...

For a framework, it only depends on what you wanna do. For web development, check .

Rob van der Lee said...

Thanks. I will check the link out.

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